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FareTabs is an online tool that helps POS business owners manage and protect their POS outlets remotely. Maximizing your return on time, energy and cost.
You can now process and record your POS transactions seamlessly with automated transaction charges for your various POS terminals and outlets all in one account. No more pen and paper work. Sign up to get started.

No. FareTabs is a standalone online web app that helps you manage and keep records of your POS transactions and it does not connect to your POS terminal directly, instead you can create transaction service charges for your various POS terminals on your FareTabs account.

All you need is a device and a stable internet connection. You can access FareTabs directly from any web browser. You can also add FareTabs to your Desktop or Home screen for quick and easy access.

No. FareTabs is not a financial or payment institute. We do not handle payments, transfers, loans, savings or other financial services. Instead we have a Virtual Wallet which serves only as an alias of your initial business capital for your POS business. This helps in managing and track of your business growth.

Based on your preferred package plan, you can have as many as your package plan offers, usually this is unlimited.

Yes, Your data (Account and Virtual Wallet Information) are end-to-end encrypted. That means that nobody, not even FareTabs knows what goes on at your POS outlet(s), except you, your account administrators and your POS outlet(s) attendant. We do not only protect your privacy but also protect your data from hackers and data theft. FareTabs is safe and secure. Read our privacy policy for more details.


It's really easy! Go to and follow the instructions to register your account. Remember to verify your account.

Setup your workspace, fund your virtual wallet & outlets, and start processing and recording your POS business transactions! Remember that you only need to enter the transaction amount to record a transaction. Other fields like POS reference number and customer details are optional.

Setting up your Workspace in general is all about adding or updating the transaction charge (bank service charge + your management fee) for your various POS terminals, adding your "Account Users" to your account, and funding your "Virtual Wallet" and "Outlet(s)". Remember your "account users" is also referred to as your "outlet(s)". For more information, refer to our Tutorial Videos for guide.

Your Virtual Wallet serves as your "Virtual Bank Account Balance" on your FareTabs Account for your business. You can simply fund your virtual wallet or your account outlets by selecting the "Fund Wallet/Outlet" tab under the Administrator Account Settings section of your account. Type in your desired amount and click on the "Fund Wallet" or "Fund Outlet" button.

Recording your POS transactions is easy. Simply login to your account and click on the "Wallet" tab under the "My Workspace" section. You can then enter the amount for the transaction, select the type of transaction, and as an option to enter the customer's details. Remember that you'd have to "clock in" to your workspace before you can process and record transactions. For more information, refer to our Tutorial Videos for guide.

It's easy! Under the "Manage Users" tab, you can add other account users by sending an invite to their email to join your account. You can set the role for this account user. Note that this section to invite other users is only available to users with "Administrators" role. You can change your account users role at any time or even remove user from your account.

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