Manage your POS Business Seamlessly.

FareTabs is an online tool that helps POS business owners manage and protect their POS outlets remotely.
You can now save time, energy and cost. No more pen and paper work.

Realtime Reporting.

Customer Capturing.

Audit Simplification.

What is FareTabs?

FareTabs is an online tool that helps POS business owners manage and protect their POS outlets remotely. Maximizing your return on time, energy and cost.

Supports Multiple Outlets

Bring all your outlets together. You can now add multiple outlet accounts to your main account. Learn more

Virtual Wallet Integrated

With the Virtual Wallet feature, you can now monitor your actual fund for your business.

Easy Setup & Configuration

With just a few clicks on "check boxes and selects options" , you can start using our tool.

How It Works

Easy Steps To Using FareTabs
Setup Your Workspace

From the "Administrator" section, you can customize and setup your workspace from your "Account Settings" tab to match your outlet(s) and machines.

Setup Your Virtual Wallet

Your Wallet (virtual wallet) serves as your "Virtual Bank Account Balance" on your FareTabs Account for your business. Funding your wallet is easy. Learn more

Process & Record Transactions

After setting up your workspace and funding your virtual wallet, you can start Processing & recording transactions for your POS machine. Learn more

Manage Your Outlet(s)

Sit back and relax as our real-time updates and notifications helps you to evaluate results for your outlet(s). Get Started


Process & Record Transactions Fast & Easy!

The Best Way to Protect & Manage Your POS Business Seamlessly.

Why Choose FareTabs

We Help Automate Your POS Business Workflow

Save Running Cost.

Reduce the numerous visits and calls to your outlets. Setup everything you need with our tool and watch your business grow. An end to "paper work". Let us help you process and record your daily transactions, saving you time, resources and cost.

Protect Your Business.

Keep fraudsters and scammers at bay. Our tool helps you process and keep records of all your transactions with your customers within your POS outlet(s), with the option to take visual snapshots of the customer, as a proof of who and when the transaction was initiated.

Monitor Everything. Remotely.

Our tool offers the clock-in and clock-out feature which is designed to help you monitor your employee(s) resumption and closing time. Based on your settings and preference, you get to see every transactions and activities happening on your outlet(s), keeping tab of when to fund an outlet, the expenses incurred, and much more.

End-to-end Data Encryption.

Your data (Account and Wallet Information) are end-to-end encrypted. That means that nobody, not even FareTabs knows what goes on at your POS outlet(s), except you, your account administrators and your POS outlet(s) attendant. We do not only protect your privacy but also protect your data from hackers and data theft. FareTabs is safe and secure.

No more Pen & Paper work

Are you tired of logging your activities and transactions by manually writing them on a book? And eventually misplacing your records. FareTabs eliminates the rigorous and painful pen and paper work as we automate your record keeping with just a click of a button. Work smart, save time and resources!

Location Verification

With FareTabs, you can be rest assured that everyone starts work at work, even in your absence. Attached to the "Clock In" functionality is the "Location Verification". This checks in the exact location of that clock in activity. No more calling or in-person visits to check if employees are at work, and on time.

Location Verification

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to your questions!

Other Exciting Features

POS Assistant Online Management Tool
Realtime Reporting.

FareTabs allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your account. The reports are updated continuously and every processed transaction, and attendants' clock-in and clock-out is reported seconds after it occurs.

Customer Capturing.

FareTabs allows you to keep records of your customer's information, like customer name, phone number and even a visual snapshot. This can increase customers' confidence and trust in your business and services.

Audit Simplification.

FareTabs provide data accessibility and visibility at every step, making it easy to view and download daily transaction reports with reference numbers to help you keep track and conduct audits seamlessly, and much more.

"Use FareTabs, the first POS Assistant online tool to manage, record and automate your business workflow."

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